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Once the security was reminded of the weapons, soldiers, nuclear power and other physical assets. But with the advent of computers the definition has totally changed. Now the security is meant to be information security. Today, if a nation can not control its cyber assets, it is obviously insecure and vulnerable. For example the citizen’s privacy is at a risk if the cyber security is not addressed. Also, the financial institutions are vulnerable to theft due to the same reason. Therefore the prime issue is the cybersecurity of the country. There are some reports and articles that try to answer these questions and have helped us identify the best countries that are very strong in their cybersecurity.

Based on a few important criteria the study was published stating the best cybersecurity. It discusses the countries with most up-to-date legislation for cybersecurity. The most cyber-secure country in the world is said to be JAPAN. It scored incredibly high in preparedness for cyber attacks and legislation categories. Singapore is rated the next highly prepared country for cyber attacks. Other top performing countries are Germany, Canada, France and the United States of America. The country with the lowest percentage of attacks by cryptominers is Denmark. It also has the lowest percentage of computer malware infections.

In a nutshell, having all the clear strengths and weaknesses all the countries have a room for improvement in them. Either it is the legislative or users need assistance in setting up better protections in place on their computers and mobile devices, there is a way to make countries highly cyber secure. Since, the platform of cyber security is constantly changing, countries need to work hard to get a step ahead of all the cyber criminals.

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