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Discovering the best art universities and schools is something that is rare because people are generally not attracted towards art schools. It’s not a given that art Universities only offer skills and courses only related to arts. They also offer business courses so if you desire to gain some art skills while pursuing a degree in business management then you are at the right place. There are several Universities like these where you can actually dream for multiple career goals at one time.

Here is a list of some of the best art Universities in the World.


School of Art University Chicago is located in Illinois. It is a private University which has also been converted into an art gallery and museum. This school was established in 1866 and offers post graduate and undergraduate programs. It offers classes in art and technology; arts administration; art history, theory, criticism, art education, art therapy ceramics, fashion designing, filmmaking and writing. School of art institute Chicago also serves as a resource for issues related to the position and importance of the arts in society.


Rhodes school of designs is a private institute located in the Rhodes Island. It was established in 1877.The school has majority of women admitted and studying. This university has great academic records for the past couple of years. The University is ranked as the 4th best University of the world. Rhodes School of Design offers the best Post graduate and Undergraduate programs.


Royal College of Art is located in the London, United Kingdom. The RCA offers a Graduate diploma, pre-masters conversion programme, MA, MRes, MPHIL and PHD degrees in twenty-eight subject areas. These subject areas are divided into four schools: architecture, arts & humanities, communication, and design. The History of design programme is in collaboration. There are two double MA/MSC programmes.


California Institute of Arts is located in Santa Clarita, California. It was established in 1961.This college Arts offers degree programs in music, art, dance ,film and video animation, theatre , and writing. Students receive intensive professional training in the area of their career purpose without being cast into a rigid pattern. Its focuses on contemporary art. The institute's stated mission is to develop professional artists of tomorrow, artists who will change their field. With these goals in place, the institute encourages students to recognize the complexity of political, social, and aesthetic questions and to respond to them with informed, independent judgment.

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