Painting is a form of art which represents creativity. Most people love playing with colors and indulge themselves in experimentation by using different ideas. Being an artist itself is a mindset, people who are creative towards nature and colors. People often think about nature since many people find nature as the best thing to paint on a canvas .The beauty a painter sets in his mind is to be scripted on a canvas. At some stage of life, even the most experienced painters were beginners and they started their artistic adventure of painting on a primary level. Acrylic colors are easy to paint as they are water based colors and can easily be blended .Simple landscape ideas are easy to recreate and fathom.


Simple seascapes are also a part of easy paintings and blend-able colors .A seascape can be a photograph, painting, or other work of art which depicts the sea, in other words an example of marine art. The word originated as a formation from landscape, which was first used of images of land in art.


Flower vase is a classic subject for painting. Almost all renowned painters seem to have painted a flower vase as subject at least once. Simply, because it portrays light well, can bring out the colors chosen to paint and have variance in shape. All of these gains bring out the charm of painting a flower vase.


Other still life scenes are very beautiful to create, you can create pretty much create anything when it comes to still life scenes which may also include beautiful serene prints.

Other still life paintings include:

  • Fruit bowl
  • Sitting area
  • Glass
  • Cutlery


Pet portraits are easy to paint as compared to human portraits. If you have a pet and you play with it on a regular basis then painting a pet portrait would be very easy for you. Mostly people prefer pet portraits than humans. You only need to be a specialist in making fur, tails and ears. The only thing that needs to be taken into account, is that, to start painting a pet scene or any other painting, start sketching with a pencil to make your shapes clear and easy.

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