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In the era of technology, learning is no longer limited to lecture rooms and textbooks. Videos have grown to be a popular teaching strategy with interactive content that makes learning more enjoyable. We’ll look at some of the top educational YouTube channels that can help you learn more and have fun while doing it.

1 Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profit educational organisation founded by Salman Khan in 2006. As of October 2022, its Youtube channel has 7.53 million subscribers. This channel provides tutoring in subjects such as math, science, computing and economics from kindergarten through high-school. To educate people on essential subjects, Khan Academy has chosen the best teachers from around the globe. Also, its website also contains additional practise exercises and quizzes to put your knowledge to the test.

2. Crash Course

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel started by John Green and Hank Green. The brothers started the channel in  2011 and by now, it has 14 million subscribers on YouTube. It is fantastic for learning about subjects like US history, literature, chemistry, biology, and psychology. With the help of this YouTube channel, history videos and current events are described in a much more straightforward manner. Additionally, Crash Course was one of the first hundred channels to receive funding from YouTube’s $100 million original channel initiative.

3. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a youth and education initiative with over 17 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. TED’s education initiative creates shareable short video lessons for educators and students given by some of the most popular TED speakers. Because they work hard to produce high-quality content, their videos are unique and creative. The majority of the videos feature seamless collaborations between educators and animators. And, a team of animators works on the platform to bring educational content to life. Furthermore, it also enables teachers and students to create customised lesson plans based on any TED Talk or YouTube video.

4. Veritasium

Veritasium was founded by Derek Alexander Muller in 2011. The channel has 13 million subscribers on Youtube. It is one of the top scientific and engineering YouTube channels for the engineer in you, with over 200 million subscribers. Moreover, Veritasium was one of the first 100 channels to get funding from YouTube’s $100 million original channel programme. It is praised by tech enthusiasts since it explains complex engineering and scientific ideas in an understandable way. Veritasium makes science and engineering entertaining by avoiding the use of pointless technical language that would otherwise make viewers lose interest.


AsapScience is a YouTube channel created by Canadian YouTubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. It was founded in 2012 and has 10.3 million subscribers on the YT channel. Over 450 million people watch their videos. AsapSCIENCE breaks down all the scientific justifications for problems and explains them in an engaging and digestible way. The channel releases videos once a week that cover a wide range of scientific topics. Along with that, videos from AsapSCIENCE typically last between two and five minutes and contain funny explanations of scientific subjects.

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