1-Python: Python is one of today’s most widely used programming languages and because its readability makes it easy for beginners to understand. The programming language is free, open-source with comprehensive community development and support modules, simple integration with web services, flexible data structures and GUI-driven desktop applications. The Machine Learning and Deep Learning apps is a popular programming language. In 2D modeling and 3D animation packages, Python is used to create Blender, Inkscape and AutoDesk. It has also been used in popular video games such as Civilization IV and Toontown.

2-Java: Java is one of today’s most commonly used, in-demand computer programs. Owned by the Oracle Corporation, this standardized, object-oriented programming language is now a staple for applications, for which the Write Once, Run anywhere (WORA) features can be used regardless of the platform (e.g., Mac, Window, Android, iOS). Thanks to this ability, Java is known for its portability from traditional data centers to smartphones across platforms. More than 3 billion devices are currently running Java-built applications.

Java is commonly used in the development of web and software and in big data. The backend of several popular sites like Google, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube also uses Java. It is also commonly used in hundreds of applications. Also very common are new Java frames such as Spring, Strut and Hibernate. There are hundreds of texts available to learn Java programming for millions of Java developers around the world. Java programmers are also involved in a number of forums in which proposals are created or programming problems are resolved. The ecosystem of Java is huge and receives a lot of support.

3-Java Script : JavaScript is a programming language for object-oriented computers widely used for interactive effects in web browsers. Typescript is a JavaScript superset and optionally includes static language typing. JavaScript, together with HTML and CSS, is one of the World Wide Web’s three core systems. It is also used at the front end of several websites such as Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. In addition, it is used in popular web environments, such as AngularJS, Node.js, and React. JS. For someone in this position, the average pay is $72,500.

4-C#: In the 2000’s, Microsoft built C #to support object-oriented programming principles. This language for the .NET system is one of the most powerful. The language is much more like C++ than Java, said the C #’s developer Anders Hejlsberg. It is most suitable for Windows, Android, and iOS applications as it is supported by Microsoft Visual C++, the integrated programming environment tool. C #is used in backend sites such as Bing, Dell, Visual Studio and Market Watch, and many other popular sites. Developers from C #receive around $91,000 annually.

5-Swift: In March 2017, Swift ranked among 10 most popular programming languages in the monthly TIOBE index. For Linux and Mac applications, Apple evolved rapidly in 2014. Swift supports almost everything in its programming language Objective-C, an open-source language which can be learned easily. The runtime lengths of the IBM Swift sandbox and IBM Bluemix are lower compared to other programming languages. Swift is being used in the common iOS applications such as WordPress, Mozilla Firefox and SoundCloud. Swift developers earn about $92,000 annually.

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